Kolding Town Hall

Many couples choose to get married at Kolding Town Hall

Regardless of whether the marriage ceremony is to take place in a church or at the Town Hall, a Notice of marriage must be filled out.

When the National Register ("Folkeregistret") has processed and approved the marriage application form, a certificate of marriage approval is sent to the couple to be married, documenting their right to be married in Denmark. On Information about marriage you can find detailed information about the documents required, etc.

The certificate of approval process normally takes 2-4 weeks.

Foreigners, who do not have residency in Denmark, must pay a fee, which covers the paperwork before the marriage. The marriagefee must be transfered, when you send us your documents. The marriagefee will not be refunded if you for some reason do not get married here.

Wedding ceremonies can take place at Kolding Town Hall on all weekdays from and including Monday to Saturday. Wedding ceremonies cannot be conducted at the Town Hall on Sundays and public holidays, Christmas Eve, New Years Day, and on certain Saturdays before public holidays.



raadhussal 1 The marriage ceremony is conducted by a registrar.
raadhussal 2 After being declared man and wife, the married couple sign the marriage book. The two witnesses then sign, followed by the registrar.
raadhussal 3 The marriage ceremony ends with the registrar presenting a gift to the married couple on behalf of the Kolding local authority.



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