Art, handicrafts, design and architecture are a strong feature of Kolding Municipality. The Museum at Koldinghus and Trapholt present all-year-round programmes of world-class exhibitions. The Nicolai complex presents changing exhibitions of design etc.

Do you know what cultural heritage is? Cultural history is an important part of Kolding Municipality’s cultural heritage. It is unique, and many of Kolding Municipality’s cultural institutions provide you with an opportunity to experience, and immerse yourself in it.

Kolding Municipality is home to a wide variety of cultural institutions, each of which aims at creating a range of unique and comprehensive cultural provisions for you and for all citizens in Kolding Municipality.

A visit to Kolding Municipality offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy a combination of culture and countryside.

Kolding has a number of culture centres, which together provide people with diverse opportunities both to experience and to take part in culture. The municipality’s objective in establishing these gathering places is to provide citizens with a positive physical setting for shared cultural life.

Kolding Municipality offers plenty of high quality cultural experiences specifically targeted at children.

Explore the wonderful universe of books. Immerse yourself music or gain information via newspapers, exciting lectures and academic works.

In Kolding Municipality there is no excuse for revelling in the wonderful world of music. Whether you just want to hear music or whether you want to play music, there are plenty of opportunities. There is always a vibrant music scene, including high quality concerts in all genres and a wide variety of choirs, orchestras and music associations, which are run by volunteers.

Film and theatre play an important role in the cultural life of Kolding Municipality. You have an excellent opportunity to see unique performing arts and specialist film genres. Your children also have a chance to see committed, energetic children’s theatre at Nicolai for Children.
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