You are free to choose any doctor, who has vacancies for new patients. However, if the doctor is located more than 15km from where you live, you are not entitled to home visits by the doctor. In Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Tårnby and Dragør the limit is 5 km.

You may find yourself in the unfortunate situation that your child needs urgent dental care at night or during a weekend.

If you become ill, you can contact your GP. S/he deals with the majority of inquiries or refers you for further treatment.

Welcome to Låsbyhøj. We work in the field of targeted rehabilitation.

You must use the blue EU Health Insurance Card, when you travel to an EU country, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland or Liechtenstein. You must still use the yellow health insurance card, when you visit your GP in Denmark.

Kolding Municipality work to promote health and prevent illness in their citizens.

The health card gives you the right to healthcare in Denmark. You can order a new health card on

A vaccination protects the individual child from contracting diseases, which may be serious and cause permanent damage, or at worst result in death.
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