Easyfood in Kolding is an excellent example.

Danish companies are beginning to use design to generate growth. They do so by applying design thinking as an innovation method. The convenience bakery Easyfood in Kolding is an excellent example.

When Easyfood develops new products they use design both to find inspiration, develop ideas and create new products. They adopt a visual and experimental approach. One of the main design tools is constant wonderment – with a view to understanding the challenges and the future that lies ahead.

At Easyfood, it is all about being courageous and daring to leave safe ground until you understand the problem at hand. They do this by focussing on the needs of the users. Because by meeting and talking to the users and understanding their needs, a company can go from simply making products to creating solutions and concepts that are far more valuable to us all.

And the business is thriving. Easyfood began as a small entrepreneurial business in 2001 and today holds a strong position in the Danish market for concept development of bread for in-store bakeries, kiosks, cafes, service stations and foodservice companies.


In 2018, Easyfood had a turnover of DKK 300 million. The same year the Norwegian food giant Orkla bought 90% of the company.
Easyfood has been elected a gazelle (fast-growing) company and received several innovation prizes.

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