When citizens, urban planners and cultural communicators meet in open urban space something unique happens, which can be difficult to create from behind a desk. Through design processes different ideas emerge, leading to experiments which again may lead to new, permanent solutions, e.g. when a square is transformed and designed anew.

Biblioteksparken in Kolding is a good example. As a four-year experiment, the car park in front of the library is transformed once a year in late summer, e.g. into a park with grass and trees, where anything can happen.

An ambassador corps of fireballs, associations and municipal staff contribute with ideas for activities, while the library staff facilitate and coordinate the activities. In 2019, the activity themes are literature, health, upcycling and recycling, music, art/creativity and outdoor/nature.

The intention behind the park is to give citizens and tourists a fun and different experience of the urban space. But the intention is also to give urban planners good ideas for how the urban development can ensure that the physical surroundings support the dynamics desired by citizens and city council.

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