Marina City

Circular economy, sustainable construction and climate proofing are some of the solutions to global challenges such as shortage of resources and climate changes.

In Kolding, the three elements form part of the design of a new quarter called Marina City. It will be located in the centre of Kolding by the fjord. The new quarter will include a residential area and harbour with the largest marina outside Copenhagen.

In Marina City circular principles are incorporates into anything from construction work, site development, public utility and construction to running. It makes demands on the infrastructure, ensuring that the design of e.g. roads and paths, recreational areas, the supply of electricity, water and heat as well as waste and waste water systems meets circular principles.

The construction design ensures that the buildings will not produce waste, neither in the short nor in the long run. The construction elements can be disassembled (design for disassembly), making it possible to reuse them, and the buildings may only contain healthy materials available for reutilisation.

Marina City will include around 400 homes. In addition to the marina and homes, the new quarter will also house a promenade with cafes, clubhouses, service buildings, maritime businesses and workshops. According to plan, the first sites will be put up for sale in 2020.

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