RE:USE is targeted at unemployed citizens.

Through RE:USE, Citizens Receive Used Furniture for Free

Circular economy is part of the future, sustainable development of society. And the RE:USE project is part of the circular economy in Kolding Municipality’s waste plan.

RE:USE is targeted at unemployed citizens. The project has a warehouse at the city’s recycling depot, where they receive furniture, household appliances and kitchenware that others have discarded. The staff then give the items new life and display them in a show room.

Here citizens who find themselves in a vulnerable position can collect the items for free. They may be homeless, recently released from prison or others in need of a fresh start and lacking the resources to buy furniture.

Getting the free furniture requires a reference from the municipality. Overflødig info?


Value in several accounts.
Environmental: Waste becomes a resource.
Financial: In 2018, 36.5 tons of furniture and household appliances were donated to vulnerable citizens; the alternative would have been buying new furniture for them. Through RE:USE this group of citizens receives more items than otherwise.
Social: Unemployed citizens undergoing activation find meaningful work and strengthen their chances of moving on. In 2018, 52 unemployed citizens worked at RE:USE and of these just under 52% found employment, internships, new activation or enrolled in education.

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