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International Marriages

Kolding City Hall

Before you can get married in Kolding Municipality, you must apply for a certificate of marital status.
A certificate of marital status is documentation that you meet the conditions in the Danish Act on the Formation and Dissolution of Marriage (Ægteskabsloven)

You must either apply for this certificate of marital status through the Agency of Family Law, or through Kolding Municipality.

Where you should apply depends on your nationalities or your basis for residence in Denmark.
You must apply through Kolding Municipality, if you both meet one of these criteria:

  • You are a Danish or Nordic citizen
  • You have permanent residence permit in Denmark
  • You have a right of permanent residence in Denmark pursuant to the Executive Order on EU Residence.

If both of you do not meet one of these criteria, you must apply through the Agency of Family Law. Read more and apply here

After your application at the Agency of Family Law – and if you meet the conditions in the Danish Act on the Formation and Dissolution of Marriage – the Agency of Family Law will provide you with a certificate of marital status, allowing you to get married in Denmark.

If you have chosen to get married in Kolding, the Agency of Family Law will send your approval to Kolding Municipality, and we will contact you for further arrangements within 7 days.

All foreign couples must register at the Citizen Service Office before the wedding. Passport, residence permit and/or visa must be provided. If the wedding ceremony is a Saturday or Sunday (or a time of the day that prevents you from coming in the opening hours) the documents must be shown the day before.

The address of the Citizen Service Office:

Nytorv 1
6000 Kolding

Office opening hours:

Monday – Friday 10.00 – 14.00
Thursday 10.00 – 18.00

Weddings in Kolding can take place at Kolding City Hall or at Søstrehuset in Christiansfeld (UNESCO city). If you want the ceremony to take place in another location in Kolding Municipality, please contact the Citizen Service Office to hear about the possibility.

Kolding City Hall

Marriages at Kolding City Hall are arranged on Mondays and Fridays in the office opening hours, and Saturdays between 9.00 – 12.00. Do you wish to get married on a Saturday you must bring two witnesses of your own. It is not possible to be married in the following weeks: 28, 29 and 30.

The address of the City Hall:

Akseltorv 1
6000 Kolding

Søstrehuset in Christiansfeld

Marriages in Christiansfeld are arranged every day of the week, including weekends. Witnesses can be provided. It is not possible to be married in the following weeks: 28, 29 and 30.

The address of Søstrehuset:

Nørregade 14
6070 Christiansfeld

The wedding ceremony can be in Danish, English or German. Both of you must understand the language. If you do not understand these languages, you must bring an interpreter.

Two witnesses must be present at the wedding ceremony. You can bring relatives or friends as you witnesses. The witnesses must be able to understand the language of the ceremony.

If you do not bring your own witnesses, we will provide two witnesses for you (except Saturdays at Kolding City Hall)

After the wedding ceremony, you will receive two international marriage certificates in five different languages (Danish, German, English, French and Spanish).

An apostille is often required, when presenting your marriage certificate to your local authority.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen make apostille stamp on Danish documents. Read more here

According to Danish legislation, you can only change to your name if you are a resident in Denmark. After the marriage, if desired, you can apply for a change of name in your country of residence.

If you want a certified copy of your marriage certificate, you have to apply through our webpage and pay the fee of 75,00 DKK. Apply here

If you were married in a different municipality, you should contact the relevant authorities there.

Response time

You can expect a response time of 14 days + shipping.


+45 79 79 90 90

Postal address / Registry Office
Kolding Kommune
Nytorv 1
DK-6000 Kolding


The marriage ceremony is conducted by a registrar.

After being declared spouses, the married couple sign the marriage book. The two witnesses then sign, followed by the registrar.

The marriage ceremony ends with the registrar presenting a gift to the married couple on behalf of the Kolding local authority.

Telefon: 79 79 79 79

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